COP22 in Marrakesh Underlines Global Climate Cooperation

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By Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate, November 23, 2016

More than 70 heads of state and ministers across the world participated at COP22 in Marrakesh, including the Danish Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate Lars Chr. Lilleholt

The historic and global climate agreement reached in Paris last year was fully supported by the heads of state at this year’s climate conference in Marrakesh. In addition, a clear work plan was agreed upon to negotiate the details of the Paris agreement to end. This made COP22 an important milestone in addressing global climate change.

“At COP22 we have reached the decision we had hoped for, and I am very satisfied with this. The decision defines a clear work plan for how the Paris agreement must be negotiated to end over the next couple of years. The Paris agreement marks a new era, and we must all get used to the fact, that we no longer need to take the final steps towards the signing of a historic agreement. We are taking the first important steps towards the implementation of the Paris agreement. The decision made in Marrakech is a very good step along this pathway, says Danish Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate Lars Chr. Lilleholt.

Among others, the world leaders signed an official declaration at COP22, which encourages all parties and private companies to maintain the strong momentum, which has been present since the historic Paris agreement was made last years. In addition, also to increase the concrete action, which is needed to implement the Paris Agreement.

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“At COP22, I have been very pleased to notice the great support for the historic climate agreement, which we agreed upon together in Paris last year. This is crucial to maintain the huge momentum, which has been generated the past year, and to successfully implement the Paris Agreement, says the minister.
The Paris Agreement marks the beginning of the global green transition. The International Energy Agency estimates that there in total must be invested more than DKK 90,000 billion (EUR 12,000 billion) towards 2030 in order to reach the goals set in the Paris Agreement. This corresponds to yearly investments of more than DKK 6,000 billion (EUR 800 billion).

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“Along with the Paris Agreement follows a huge export potential for Danish companies. The Confederation of Danish Industry estimates that exports of Danish energy and climate technologies to key markets such as the U.S., China, Mexico and the EU countries can be doubled from about DKK 60 billion (EUR 8.06 billion) in 2014 up towards DKK 125 billion (EUR 16.8 billion) in 2030. This is why there has been allocated around DKK 10 million (EUR 1.34 million) on the Danish national budget for a new export scheme for 2017. It will play its part to put Denmark as a front runner for green exports – and make Danish companies the preferred partners around the world, says the minister.


  • 196 parties adopted the Paris Agreement last year.
  • The Paris Agreement covers more than 95% of global greenhouse gas emissions. In comparison, the Kyoto Protocol covers about 15% of global emissions.
  • The Paris Agreement came into force on 4 November, 2016 – under one year from passing.
  • 23,500 participated in COP22 including a wide range of private companies.


Source: Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate (in Danish)

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