25 examples of utilisation of waste heat

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By State of Green, January 19, 2018

The Danish thinktank Green Energy has produced a catalogue containing 25 examples of utilisation of waste heat in Denmark and Europe as part of the EU project ReUseHeat.

The examples from the catalogue will be used in a handbook about the utilisation of waste heat in the EU.

The purpose of the project ReUseHeat, which runs until 2021, is to explore and demonstrate the utilisation of waste heat in the EU. The project is based on four cities, Brunswick, Nice, Madrid and Bukarest, which demonstrate the utilisation of urban waste heat from data centres, wastewater, hospital cooling systems and a metro station respectively. The demonstration projects are directed at stakeholders and are meant to contribute with insights into the conditions surrounding utilisation of urban waste heat in the EU.

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Part of the project is therefore concerned with collecting information about existing and planned facilities in which urban waste heat is utilised for e.g. district heating and cooling. The catalogue is produced by Green Energy in collaboration with other project participants in ReUseHeat and it contains 12 examples from Denmark and 13 examples from other EU countries. The Danish examples include utilisation of waste heat from supermarkets, wastewater treatment plants, hospitals and industry. The other examples include utilisation of waste heat from the London underground, wastewater treatments plants in several European countries and data centres in Finland, Sweden and France.

The majority of the examples are based on low-temperature heat sources and therefore involve the use of heat pumps to raise the temperature in order to use it for district heating. The catalogue is meant to provide inspiration for the further utilisation of urban waste heat.

Read the catalogue here

-Source: Danish District Heating Association

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