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ReTec Miljø

ReTec develops, constructs and manufactures specialised equipment for the waste and recycling industry. We offer practical solutions to our customer’s needs, helping them increase profitability in their business.

ReTec Bale-opener
The ReTec Bale-opener can open bales of various types of material. Both wired bales and plastic wrapped bales can be opened. Typical customers are WtE plants and cement plants.

ReTec Plasterboard Recycling Mill
The gypsum recycling mill developed by ReTec has the purpose to prepare gypsum of new gypsum production. The two roller mills in the machine ensure a very high degree of separation between paper and gypsum. We offer complete Gypsum recycling plants on turn-key basis.

ReTec Mobile Security Shredding System
The shredding system can be used for paper, ring binders, hard discs, credit cards and CD’s/DVD’s. The system is built on a city-trailer with turning rear axle or on a truck. The documents are shredded according to DS/EN 15713 safety class 6 / DIN 66399 security level P4.

ReTec Mineral Wool Recycler
The ReTec mineral-wool recycler is designed to purify and reduce recycled mineral wool waste. The clean recycled mineral wool can be used in the production of new mineral wool or as additive to the ceramic industry. Volume reduction is: 20:1.

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