Our Masterplan & Roadmap

During 2008 and 2009 more than 75 leading Danish energy specialists analyzed the areas’ opportunities and challenges and created the ProjectZero 2029 masterplan, concluding that Sonderborg can achieve ZEROcarbon by 2029.

Key issues:

  • Massive focus on smart use of energy. Lowering consumption by energy efficiency improvement is estimated to reduce energy consumption by 40% compared to baseline 2007.
  • Conversion to multiple renewables including efficient use of the areas manure and waste from farming, geothermal heat, wind, solar heat and photovoltaic
  • Creation of the world first intelligent, dynamic energy system in close cooperation with SE (Utility Company) and other stakeholders.

The solution is based on the areas own renewable energy sources and respects that the grid connects to the national/international grid. Smart and commercial viable solutions are the preconditions. Socio-economic analysis proves that the masterplan implementation can be made profitable. As a positive side effect, Bright Green Business (the new business aspect) will create growth and new jobs for society.



About author

ProjectZero is the vision for creating a ZEROcarbon future for the city Sonderborg in southern Denmark by 2029.

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Peter Rathje

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