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ProjectZero is the vision for creating a ZEROcarbon future for the city Sonderborg in southern Denmark by 2029 based on sustainable growth and with many new green jobs as a result.

The ProjectZero concept is based on energy efficiency combined with renewable energy from the County´s own green sources - all documented in the ProjectZero masterplan.

The aim is to develop a world class showcase for energy savings, best practice mindset, participation, technology and business.

All County stakeholders are involved in the implementation, taking responsibility and actions.

Our activities include:

  • The ProjectZero masterplan - creation of a detailed roadmap for implementation of the vision.
  • ZEROcompanies and Bright Green Business programs - introducing the business community to Climate management, CDP-filing, creation of new Cleantech clusters and job creation.
  • The ZEROfamily initiatives – special programs for citizen participation.
  • ZEROenergy initiatives including replacing existing carbon based energy by geothermal-, solar heat-, photovoltaic-, wind-, biomass/manure-energy and seawater cooling.


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