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14. September 2023

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ProjectZero is the common vision for creating a zero-carbon future in the municipality of Sonderborg, Denmark by 2029. This will be achieved through energy efficiency, sector coupling, and smart transition to green energy sources all while creating new green jobs.

Sonderborg city council sought to successfully implement a carbon-neutral energy system by 2029,
without compromising on reliability and cost-effectiveness. Their vision strives to solve climate challenges in the region while inspiring other cities to chart their own sustainable transition to a zero-carbon future.


To reach such a goal, the entire area must be involved, which is why a public-private partnership between citizens, businesses, and organisations was forged. ProjectZero has developed several platforms to make it easy and attractive for homeowners, residents, tenants, businesses, and schools to join the project, save energy, and convert to renewable energy.


In 2021, the realized CO₂ reduction amounted to 55.4%, which corresponds to a reduction of 388,235 tons CO₂ since 2007. This also means that at this point of time, Sonderborg is halfway to CO₂ neutrality, expecting to reach a reduction of 75% by 2025 compared to 2007.

Urban green transition

This case is a part of the white paper “Urban green transition”:

A 40-page showcase of why holistic and strategic city planning and development within mobility and infrastructure, climate adaptation, as well as environmentally conscious architecture and construction, must take centre stage in the transformed cities of tomorrow.

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