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Specialized SME in localization of leakages on buried water pipes, effective reduction of water loss NRW.

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By Ida Due Koch, January 29, 2016

Congratulations to Jørgen W. Koch, CEO of Leif Koch, on his 25th jubilee

Jørgen W. Koch has been an active part of the company since the partnership in 1985 with the founders of the company Edith and Leif Koch. He has been the company CEO since 1991.

He orchestrated the company’s shift from leak detection on gas pipes to drinking water pipes, which continues to be Leif Koch’s speciality. The ever-increasing global demand for clean drinking water requires efficient water distribution systems with minimal leakage rates. Mr. Koch has travelled around the world spreading awareness about the significant benefits gained by reducing non revenue water in a water distribution network. Leif Koch is involved in several projects abroad, and works to ensure that its international partners have secure and reliable water supplies.

Jørgen has also founded an innovative project called “LEAKman”, which exports our expertise worldwide. We work together with leading Danish water businesses to create a holistic, integrated solution that utilizes the best Danish services, technologies, and strategies to secure a stable water supply worldwide. The other companies involved in the project are: Niras, AVK, Grundfos, Schneider Electric, Kamstrup, The Technical University of Denmark, and two water suppliers: Nordvand and HOFOR. The project was first launched in 2016, and will be presented at the IWA Water Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, in Autumn 2020.

Congratulations to Mr. Koch for the 25th jubilee. We are excited for what the future will bring.

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