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NIRAS is an international consulting group of more than 1,400 employees, with 38 offices in 26 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. We specialise in engineering and professional services, headquartered in Alleroed, Denmark. NIRAS provides engineering, planning, project management, and other services for all aspects of the built environment, focusing on traditional construction projects like railroads, harbours and complex buildings as well as environment, climate, energy, and sustainable development consulting.

NIRAS has worked with climate and energy for over 30 years. We focus on climate strategies, carbon footprints, energy-saving strategies, energy-conscious constructions, district heating and cooling, bioenergy, solar energy, wind energy and waste management.

On an annual basis NIRAS is involved in thousands of projects all over the world. NIRAS takes pride in transforming clients’ visions or challenges into sustainable solutions. NIRAS has been involved in:

  • Renewable and green energy projects. Since 1986, we have been involved in more than 70 wind energy projects in Northern Europe and Asia. Most of the projects are offshore wind projects.
  • Improving public utilities and water network management systems, and improvement of water supply and sanitation services in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.
  • Helping more than 150 companies in different parts of the world to identify their potential for industrial symbioses and improved utilization of resources.
  • Climate adaption projects in cities such as Copenhagen, Stavanger, City of Beira and Vinh Yen City.
  • Harbour projects, e.g. in Kenya, Ghana, Togo, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, UK, Scotland and Cyprus.
  • Railroad projects, e.g. in Lithuania, Malaysia and Russia.
  • Planning projects: creation and completion of the largest hospitals in Denmark.

If you are interested in more information on how we can help you create results in your business with respect for the environment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Att: Inger Asp Fuglsang
Sortemosevej 19
3450 Allerød
Phone: +4548104200


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