Succesfully grouting operation at Butendiek

By Karina Hojgaard, November 17, 2014

No spillage during installation, a dust free working environment, a minimum of cleaning after demobilization, up to 3 installations per day and a project finished on time must be designated as a solid success for ITW and Ballast Nedam’s cooperation at the Butendiek project.

With the installation of the last transition piece, connecting the monopile foundation and the transition piece with Ducorit® grout, all 80 foundations at Butendiek windfarm were successfully completed on September 18th.

Based upon a partnership approach and an analysis of customer needs ITW Polymers Europe has developed a solution, which eliminates cleaning issues following the grouting operation. Moreover ITW’s equipment developments meet the latest requirements in European HSE regulations and Butendiek OWP is one of the first projects to benefit from this.

Late September, foundation no. 80 was grouted successfully with Ducorit® at the offshore wind farm of Butendiek, and Jan de Vries from Ballast Nedam Offshore B.V. – responsible for the TP Installation at OWP Butendiek has following comment about the cooperation and new equipment:

-The whole setup of the plant was discussed between Ballast Nedam, Jumbo Javelin and ITW Polymers Europe. All parties have experience with the grouting process and therefore the preparation phase went fine and therefore – in my opinion – the operational phase went without any serious problems.

We required the new equipment set-up to prevent the vessel and all personnel from grout spillages. The whole setup worked perfect, we made one small adjustment on the equipment before starting because the crane driver had no visual contact with the mixer operator. For the rest the equipment worked fine the whole project.

No spillage from the plant during installation on the vessel and all personnel worked in a dust free environment. By demobilization when the equipment was removed of the vessel we found almost no spillage on the vessel, says Jan de Vries.

Soren Bunch, Installation and Equipment Manager, ITW Polymers Europe expresses his satisfaction about the statement from Jan de Vries and the fact that the improved equipment has provided the expected benefits.

– It is always a great pleasure to learn that the striving of ITW towards optimal performances, results in yet another project with a satisfied client. Our track record with Ballast Nedam reaches back to the early years of offshore renewable energy making the implementation of “Partnership approach” even more beneficial due to the high degree of knowledge and experiences within grouting with both parties.

Ballast Nedam approached us in the early stage of the project searching for a partner reaching for the same high standards as them self, resulting in the new and improved equipment system delivered for project Butendiek. We are indeed proud receiving the above statement from Ballast Nedam manifesting a new standard for offshore grouting.

The installation and grouting of 80 monopiles and transaction pieces were completed on time. This exceptional achievement is entirely due to the efforts of a dedicated and professional team.

At the Butendiek project the grouting process all came together. Due to a concentrated team effort from all involved parties combined with the ability of Jumbo Javelin to quickly re-position itself at the next installation, the grouting of 80 foundation connections were finished on scheduled time. The team even managed to carry out up to 3 installations per day – which is likely to be an all-time industry record, says Bo Toft, Project manager, ITW Polymers Europe

Facts about Butendiek:

  • The project is contracted by OWP Butendiek GmbH & Co KG as project company
  • The windfarm is located 32 km west of the island of Sylt, 53 km from mainland Germany.
  • The wind farm will comprise 80 offshore turbines of 3.6 MW.
  • The turbines cover a total area of 33 km2 and will supply enough power for 360,000 homes.

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