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Probably the world’s largest laboratory for renewable energy

In Thisted Municipality, we are at the forefront when it comes to sustainable green energy. In the following, you can read more about, where you can experience the green technology that is the backbone of Thisted’s desire to be Denmark’s leading climate municipality.

Østerild test center for large wind turbines

In Østerild you can experience the world’s largest wind turbine test site, where the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers test the world’s largest mills. Here you will experience wind turbines of up to 250 meters in height and with tremendous wingspan.

DanWEC- Danish Wave Energy Center

In Hanstholm lies DanWEC – Danish Wave Energy Center, where the big wave machines exposed to the North Sea’s mighty forces before being put into production are tested. If you are interested, you have the opportunity to get a Wave Energy Tour, so that you can experience some of the most extreme in renewable energy.

Nordic Folk Center for Renewable Energy

In southern Thy, you will find Nordic Folk Center for Renewable Energy, which every day opens its doors to visitors. Over the next years, we will see the Nordic Folk Center being in rapid development, which will focus on publicly supported energy projects. When visiting the Folk Center, you will experience everything from windmills to solar cells to intelligent management of renewable energy.

Energy Point Frøstrup

The latest addition is the Energy Point Frøstrup. The association Hannik operates the Energy Point Frøstrup. It succeeded in turning a sad and dilapidated town center in northern Jutland into a powerhouse of energy and community in just five years. Besides creating the new Energy Point Frøstrup, the old Inn was renovated, the football club’s clubhouse was expanded and they created a beautiful activity room in the center of town.

As selecting a new heating system for homes can be difficult, Energy Point Frøstrup displays different systems to assist you making the right choice. The Energy Point house displays a number of functioning land to water and air to water heat pumps. The idea is that here, everyone can come and experience how the plant works and what it really looks like – before you even invest in it.

Thy National Park

The national park and forests are also important energy producers in the municipality of Thisted. Here we collect much of the wood we use for our district heating plants, which is to make our heating both cheap and sustainable.

Common to all is that it can be experienced. Welcome!

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