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Test Center Østerild – Masters of Wind Turbines

22. March 2017

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In Østerild, you can experience the world's largest wind turbine test site, where the world's largest wind turbine manufacturers test the world's largest turbines. Here you will experience wind turbines of up to 330 meters in height and with tremendous wing-span. The center has 2 world records in production of a wind turbine; MHV 164 M8- and M9 both sit on the records.

You are herby invited to come se them yourself. You won't see a lot of these turbines on land outside the testcenter, as they are mainly for deployment at sea.

Siemens was the first company to install a wind turbine at Østerild. Since then, three other companies has installed wind turbines on the site.

As of spring 2017, the site looks like this: 

Vestas has 3 turbines installed. 2MW - 3,3MW - 9MW

Siemens has 2 turbines installed. 7MW - 8MW

Envision has 1 tubine istalled. 3MW

EDF has 1 turbine installed. 6MW

The center has just gotten permission to expand with two more test sites. And as for Høvsøre, another test site will also recieve two extra sites.

As it looks at the moment, the maximum hight in Østerild will be 330m.

If you have an interest for large turbines, there is no better place to see them than in Denmark - and especially in Østerild ,Thy.