Gladsaxe Heights: a Climate Adapted Neighbourhood

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The vision for Gladsaxe Municipality is focused on a social and environmental balance as well as cohesion between growth and welfare in the city. The municipality’s work on climate adaption connects to a strong political ambition to make Gladsaxe a vibrant city in growth.

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One of Denmark’s biggest projects concerning climate adaptation is taking place in Gladsaxe Heights

The master plan of transforming Gladsaxe Heights and the surrounding neighbourhoods into a completely new climate-adapted neighbourhood is becoming reality right now – the project unifies five smaller Water-Sensitive Urban Design projects into one of the biggest climate-adaptation projects in Denmark. The area comprises a small nature park, a sports stadium, two residential areas, and five 15-story apartment buildings that all benefit from the improved local water management and new recreational areas.

In the nature park, close to Gladsaxe Heights, new streams and artificial lakes have been established in order to control the course of the water, and in the residential areas new water-collecting flower beds, infiltration trenches, and many other Water-Sensitive Urban Design elements future-proof Gladsaxe Heights. Thus, the climate adaptation project handles the surface water from approximately 1900 apartments in Gladsaxe Heights and around 800 houses in the Marielyst and Grønnemose neighbourhoods.

The new climate adapted neighbourhood will reduce stress on the sewage system and take care of many of the problems, which the area has experienced with regular floodings after heavy rain, untreated sewage from the western part of Gladsaxe Heights, and water shortage in the nature park.

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