Reducing particles from wood stoves with up to 95 per cent

The beloved wood-burning stove has come under attack recently. The reason? Its emission of particles pollutes the air.

Particularly the fine and ultrafine particles of flue gas contain microscopic elements or liquid droplets so tiny that they can penetrate our respiratory systems, reach our lungs and bloodstreams and cause various health problems.

This is the reason why exodraft has developed a highly effective electrostatic precipitator (ESP) for wood stoves in private homes. This wood stove filter reduces the number of particles by as much as 90-95 per cent as well as it reduces the total particle mass by 70-75 per cent.

The electrostatic particle precipitator is installed on top of the chimney and uses a high-voltage electrode to charge the particles in the flue gas and trap them inside the filter.

In addition to an integrated chimney fan, the precipitator comes with a self-cleaning function that causes some of the trapped particles to combust. The remaining particles are released into the chimney to be burnt off, thus minimising the need for manual cleaning of the filter.

Wood burning is CO2-friendly and with an exodraft wood stove filter, it is also a clean way to generate heat and energy.

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