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About exodraft

Exodrafts solutions include air-to-water heat recovery and in-line chimney fans/systems.


Founded: 1957

Employees: 11-50

HQ: Langeskov

Organisation type: Company



Energy efficiency in buildings

Energy efficiency in industry

Heat recovery – capture the excess energy
Our compact air to water heat recovery unit with integrated bypass function is specially designed to take advantage of the energy from hot smoke, gas or processed air.

The heart of the unit is a heat exchanger which is made from stainless steel and copper that combine great sturdiness with an effective heat transmission.

In-line chimney fan – freedom to install and easy maintenance
An in-line chimney fan from exodraft provides industrial customers with the possibility to control the chimney draught. Opposite a chimney fan that is mounted on the chimney, an in-line chimney fan can be installed as a part of a chimney fan system. This makes it easier to install combined with easy maintenance.

Consistent draught equals consistent results
It is essential to deliver a consistent end product in every industry. This is especially true with industries where ovens are a part of the manufacturing process.

A mechanical chimney draught can be compared with a central heating pump that is used with most central heating today.

The mechanical chimney also provides the central heating pump with following advantages and savings:

  • Possibility for a reduction of the pipe dimensions
  • Possibility of placing the oven/fireplace independent of the chimney
  • Possibility to securely monitor the unit

Furthermore, these advantages are also included: optimum utilisation of the fuel, possibility of improving the oven’s efficiency and fewer co2 emissions per heating unit. This means that with a mechanical chimney draught considerable economic advantages combined with an environmental solution can be achieved.

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