Students from the wind energy master share their experiences

By Charlotte Boman Hede, April 16, 2018

Three students from all over the world share their experiences with the online wind energy master provided by DTU Wind Energy.

For almost a year, DTU Wind Energy has offered a master programme in wind energy, taught online. More than 30 people are participating and we have talked to three participants to get to know their thoughts about the programme. Renan Venturini de Paula from Brazil, Mikkel Vibæk Jensen – a Dane living in the Netherlands and Ding Suo from China.

Participants in the Wind Energy Master programme have very different backgrounds and educations and while some are already working the field of wind energy, others have no current connection to the wind energy industry. The Wind Energy Master is a programme for continuing education, which means that the participants are busy with jobs, family and other interests and have to fit the study into a busy schedule. So why do it?

Ding Suo, who already works within the field of wind energy, says:

“I have worked in the wind turbine blade industry for over 6 years but all my experience is just within a very specific aspect [of the industry]. This Wind Energy Master programme is really opening a window for me to get to know the whole picture better,” says Ding Suo.

Mikkel Vibæk Jensen, on the other hand, is one of the participants, who does not work in the industry but hopes to land a job in wind energy in the future:

“I do not currently work in the wind energy sector. For me, the entire Master is therefore interesting since it makes my profile more interesting for companies within the sector.”

Renan Venturini de Paula also works in the wind industry and he is happy that the courses are available online. He would not have been able to participate if the courses were taught on a DTU Campus in Denmark:

“In my country, there were no courses in the field so I started to search abroad. One of the first options was DTU as it is one of the most renowned universities in the field. This Online Wind Energy Master Programme fits my ambitions perfectly, and secondly, it fits perfectly with my work schedule.”

Even though Renan Venturini de Paula and the other participants are only half-way through the second semester, the benefits of the programme are already starting to show:

“In my daily work, I’m already implementing the knowledge gained from the lectures. Even though some courses are not specifically related to what I work with, they help me gain an interdisciplinary understanding,” Renan Venturini de Paula explains.

You can also participate in the Wind Energy Master.

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