How smart relays can make energy conservation in office buildings easier

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By Develco Products , October 02, 2018

Smart relays can benefit different types of businesses and smart homes by facilitating new ways of conserving energy. Read how office buildings can benefit from using the Smart Relay 16A DIN.

With the Smart Relay 16A DIN, property managers or owners of office buildings obtain multiple opportunities for energy optimization. By providing new ways of conserving energy, the smart relay enables property managers or owners of office buildings to cut costs, add value to a rental space, and appeal to new prospective renters through a sustainable image.

Reduce consumption to the energy needed – no more

The Smart Relay 16A DIN enables configuration of appliances in clusters and control of whole groups of units. This means, for example, that that the last person to leave the building can easily turn off all relevant groups of appliances, such as lighting and electricity for desks. The smart relay can also be set to turn lights on automatically at 8 AM, or whenever employees arrive in the morning. It can even be connected to employees’ calendars to turn on and off appliances accordingly if the software solution allows for it. In other words, the Smart Relay 16A DIN facilitates new ways of optimizing energy consumption by ensuring that energy is merely consumed when it is needed.

Find the source of power waste

The smart relay can also be used to monitor the energy consumption of each individual group of appliances in the building. This gives owners or property managers an opportunity to become more aware of potential power waste and ways they can optimize energy consumption.

For instance, the smart relay can identify how much energy is consumed in each office or room. If large amounts of energy are consumed in certain rooms, it will become easier to identify through the monitoring of energy consumption in individual rooms. Being able to locate the source of high energy consumption will make it easier to pinpoint what might cause the high consumption and take the necessary steps to reduce power waste.

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