Pantstation – a new way of returning used packaging

Dansk Retursystem wants to make it easy and simple for Danish consumers to return their one-way (disposable) packaging. The concept of the Pant station (deposit return bank) is part of the further development of the Danish deposit and return system. Our aim is to make it even more efficient and user-friendly to return beverage packaging with a view to motivating Danish consumers to return even more empty items of packaging for the benefit of the environment and to conserve natural resources.

Our goal is for the stations to make the process easy and efficient with it taking less than 30 seconds to deliver 100 items of packaging at a time.

Consumers will be able to collect their bottles and cans in a deposit sack that can hold up to 100 items and deliver everything at one time. The deposit sack is connected via a microchip to the consumer’s deposit card with the deposits being repaid into the person’s bank account within 10 days. Consumers can also put bottles and cans on which no deposit is payable into a sack to ensure that these are recycled instead of throwing them away as rubbish. Having delivered a sack, a consumer can track its progress as it passes through the deposit and return system.

Dansk Retursystem collects the containers with the deposit sacks from the Pant station and delivers them to our processing plants. On arrival, the deposit sacks are emptied and the contents of each sack are counted with the deposits credited to the bank account of the individual consumer. Dansk Retursystem subsequently ensures that all the used packaging is recycled so it becomes new bottles, cans and food packaging and that the high quality is retained so it can be used for the same purpose again. In this way we save energy and avoid having to extract new raw materials from the earth.

Consumers can naturally continue to deliver bottles and cans to reverse vending machines in shops around Denmark. The Pant station is intended as a supplement to this system.

The first Pant station was trialled in a suburb west of Copenhagen in 2012. Now we have 12 units in test located throughout Denmark, and they have been very positively received. The results from these trials will subsequently be used to help us decide whether to install additional units.

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