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Dansk Retursystem

Dansk Retursystem


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Dansk Retursystem
Dansk Retursystem is a privately owned non-profit organization that has the exclusive right to operate the Danish deposit and return system. Our purpose is to collect empty one-way (disposable) bottles and cans and to make sure that the used material is sent for recycling so it can be turned into new packaging.

Every day, 65 trucks collect empty bottles and cans from 1000 customers throughout Denmark. Nationally there are around 15,000 shops, offices, restaurants and other organizations that participate in the collection scheme. More than 1 billion plastic bottles and cans were collected in 2015. This amount was significantly greater than the 950 million items of packaging collected in 2014.

Following collection, the one-way bottles and cans are counted at special counting terminals. This enables Dansk Retursystem to refund the exact cash value of the deposits that each shop, restaurant or other business has paid to its customers.

9 out of every 10 items of packaging distributed on the Danish market are returned through the Danish deposit and return system. A returns percentage of 90% in Denmark is very satisfactory from both a Danish and an international viewpoint.

Dansk Retursystem is legally required to collect all empty one-way packaging on which deposits have been paid throughout the whole of Denmark on a free-of-charge basis. This means that the collection and counting facilities must at all times be able to process the quantities of one-way (disposable) packaging that are delivered.

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