Danfoss opens the world’s first indoor climate test center

By Danfoss, November 25, 2013

Danfoss Heating Solutions is behind a new test center in Vejle, Denmark.

Today’s heating and climate systems in energy-efficient houses are so high-tech that adjusting the indoor climate can be a challenge for the owners. Danfoss Heating Solutions is behind a new test center in Vejle, Denmark, which is set to be the first to offer the climate control solutions of the future.

Today, house-owners often equip their home with heat pumps, ventilation systems and underfloor heating. They are intended to make houses more energy-efficient, but in reality, the systems sometimes oppose each other. Therefore, new know-how is required and a new Danfoss test center is set to examine the aggregate climate control systems installed in a house to make them all compatible with each other.

“The new test center is a cornerstone because we can use it for testing and developing products which will accommodate the market’s current and future needs. Many houses are now so well-insulated that you can practically heat them using a hair dryer. So, the challenge is to ensure comfortable indoor climate in energy-efficient houses without the owners having to open the doors in order to compensate for the excess heat. Danfoss wants to be a world champion in climate control in houses by making all our products – and, eventually, also other products in the house – operate together in a single energy-efficient system,” says Kim Christensen, President of Danfoss Heating Solutions.

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