BJERG Arkitektur

    BJERG Arkitektur

    The users of the building are always in the spotlight of our projects. Our goal is to contribute to the so-called ‘well-being’ of the societies, that use the buildings we design or refurbish. Energy efficiency is the basis of the output of our projects, but we also focus on other aspects of creating comfort and better indoor climate, such as acoustics and aesthetics of the premises. By increasing energy efficiency and improving the economy of the buildings we also enhance productivity and health of people living or working in the buildings we create.

    All that, thanks to our architects’ implementation of new green technologies and innovative concepts which support sustainable development.

    When designing, we are inspired primarily by the principle of creating solid buildings characterized by traditional Scandinavian architecture, namely: simplicity, elegance and functionality. See some of our solutions below that showcase our specialized competencies.

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    Primary contact
    Katarzyna Wojda
    +48 792746230