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Energy efficiency in buildings

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Less kWh is more! Reducing energy need with smart architectural design

28. November 2022

Solution provider

BJERG Arkitektur
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The main challenge was to highly reduce the energy used by the building. The architects wanted to find optimal form of the building, proper materials, and smart design decisions that will lead to energy efficiency.


The building has been designed according to the passive house principles. The form is very compact which reduces heating energy losses. The windows have been optimized to passively heat the building using the sun during the winter period. Over the windows shading structure has been placed – to block any direct sunlight during the summer months – blocking any possible overheating. The building has been constructed using completely prefabricated technology – which also reduced the energy use – due to high precision of the manufacture and construction process.


The passive kindergarten in Podkowa Leśna is an example of highly energy-efficient public building in Poland. The building uses less than 15kWh/m2 per year for heating and ventilation.