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As one of the most innovative water companies in Denmark, we feel obliged to support the water industry. We have extensive knowledge of the operation of various facilities, establishment of organisations, analysis, tendering, planning, project management, training and commissioning of facilities. We would like to do our share towards ensuring innovation of the Danish water industry. By also taking a global perspective, we contribute knowledge and support for Danish exports and help set the global agenda for sustainable development.

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In recent years we in Aarhus Vand have entered into voluntary agreements with landowners regarding pesticide-free cultivation of the vulnerable areas. Through investments in afforestation we contribute to the plantation of new forests. In selected areas, we successfully run information campaigns together with the local waterworks and joint councils for the purpose of reducing the use of pesticides in private gardens.

We extract drinking water from about 90 groundwater wells. The wells are between 30 and 140 metres deep – most of them are between 60 and 80 metres deep. All wells are surrounded by a ten-metre protection zone and a 300-metre hygiene zone within which there must be no percolation of wastewater.

Thanks to the geological qualities of the soil and general precipitation in Aarhus, Denmark, we can collect clean drinking water from the ground. Drinking water which is protected by nature’s own geological treatment plant and has a natural content of minerals and a quality that makes it perfectly fit for drinking. This is why we at Aarhus Vand can supply drinking water of the best quality merely by filtering and aerating the water on its way to the citizens’ taps. However, we can only do this because we think ahead and always take the groundwater into consideration.

The City Council’s water quality objective is clear: All inhabitants in Aarhus should have access to naturally clean groundwater, also in the future. Protecting the groundwater against pesticides requires a lot of hard and dedicated work as well as close dialogue with and supervision of the agricultural sector. Because of the geological conditions in eastern Jutland, the groundwater is vulnerable to contamination, in particular pesticides. For a long time, Aarhus Vand has been working with the protection of the areas most vulnerable to contamination in order to ensure sufficient clean drinking water – also in the future.

To ensure that we pump up no more water than the groundwater reserves can provide, we monitor the water level at the individual wells continually. This way we can be sure of a sustainable supply.

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We are an active partner in 3VAND – a strategic collaborative partnership consisting of the leading water utilities in Denmark: HOFOR, BIOFOS, Aarhus Vand and VCS Denmark.

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