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A78 Architects

A78 Architects is a team of dedicated architects and designers, working with construction projects everywhere in Denmark and especially in Southern Jutland. Providing total solution and consultancy, overview, and security has been the driving force for A78 Architects since the company was formed in 1978.

The company has a strong commitment to integrate sustainable solutions in construction. Energy and innovation is our main task and sustainability one of our core values. A78 Architects’s fundamental strength is the supply of a total concept with total consultancy and project management with a focus on user- and developer involvement.

We work to fulfill the Danish sustainability code and the Danish Building Regulations 2020 concerning energy consumption.
Through our year long experience with eco-friendly design, we achieve the best results if our projects focus on a manageable number of environmental targets. Prior to all our projects, we always conduct an overall environmental mapping on the basis of which we, together with the relevant project partners, identify the relevant environmental focus areas.

We work everyday to get better to sustainability solutions.


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Primary contact
Thorkild Christian Hansen
+45 41 26 60 57

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