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Wind turbine manufacturing and components

Wind turbine retrofit

6. October 2015

Solution provider


DEIF develops and manufactures green, safe and reliable control solutions and products for decentralised power production – on land and at sea.

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DEIF Wind Power Technology’s retrofit solution upgrades turbines with a completely new controller. This resolves your problem when searching the missing spare parts on the market. DEIF gives 5 years warranty and a minimum of 20 years delivery time for spare parts. With our solution costs will be reduced and turbine owners will avoid investing in additional expensive Vestas spare parts in the future.

Improved SCADA access
Another solution to optimize your investment is to improve the monitoring and surveillance of Vestas turbines. A retrofitted control system from DEIF Wind Power Technology provides a turbine with with new possibilities such as:

  • Centralized monitoring for surveillance of electricity production
  • Turbine income
  • Local service surveillance for monitoring turbine condition. Enables proactive actions in terms of scheduled maintenance

Independent power producers (IPP) and turbine owners will get full access to all relevant production and surveillance information through either a DEIF SCADA system or a interface in existing SCADA systems. This solution can be customized to individual needs as well as to comply with new regulations.

Reuse interface in retrofitted turbine
DEIF Wind Power Technology has a long history in the wind segment and is experienced with providing service for existing and retrofitted turbines with focus on making the solutions easier to handle.

DEIF ensures among other things that displays like the CT 218 used with the VMP 3500 controller can be reused in the retrofitted Vestas turbine, securing that service and maintenance will continue uninterrupted with the same usage and routines as normal. Retrofit can be done in just a few hours ensuring that a minimum of two turbines per day can be retrofitted. And this includes a customized education and training program.

Reusing the same interface in your retrofitted turbine is a key to achieve both an optimized retrofitted Vestas turbine and at the same time to keep the transition cost in terms of usage and maintenance as low as possible. A complete new state-of-the-art touch panel based HMI solution can also be established by request.

Worldwide approval and certification
DEIF Wind Power Technology is the only worldwide approved alternative for COTAS controller in Vestas V27 and V47 turbines from this generation. With this experience, we are a competitive supplier to retrofitting of older turbines.