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Water management


UV systems for a salmon hatchery in Scotland

3. October 2023

Solution provider

ULTRAAQUA UV Disinfection Systems

ULTRAAQUA is an international manufacturer of advanced UV water disinfection systems for a wide range of water treatment applications.

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The client, Scottish Sea Farms (SSF), needed a state-of-the-art RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) facility that would provide more control over the key growth factors of water quality, temperature, flow, and light. The aim was to create the optimum environment for their fish.

The new facility was intended to shorten the time salmon spend growing at sea by as much as two months, which would help increase survival rates. Additionally, the facility aimed to allow for longer fallow periods between generations of fish, contributing to a healthier marine environment for future generations. The facility was to be sustainably optimized and include four incubator units and four hatcheries.


To ensure a comprehensive intake water firewall, multiple UV systems were installed to control the bacterial load in the recirculation system. These systems acted as a safeguard against bacterial outbreaks and algae blooms. One of the primary challenges was the very low UVT (50%). The ULTRABARRIER systems were chosen to address this challenge. The UV systems were designed to protect eggs and smolt from potential diseases entering the RAS, with a specific focus on the severe viral fish disease, Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis (IPN).

The UV systems would ensure that IPN was under full control by applying the optimal UV dose. Every 30 minutes, the Barcaldine Hatchery would recirculate over 95% of the 5,200m³ water flow, which would be cleaned with advanced filtration systems and UV disinfection as the final treatment step.


ULTRAAQUA UV systems successfully protected smolts by overcoming the low UVT (UV transmission) water challenge and safeguarded against any potential virus or bacteria intrusion. The facility’s UV systems included a total of 39 UV systems including 3 x MR56-350SS ULTRABARRIER, 8 x MR10-350PP Channel & 6 x MR8-350PP Channel.

The implementation of these systems ensured that the salmon at the hatchery were protected from diseases and that the water quality was maintained at optimal levels.