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Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency in industry

Smart energy systems

Reducing electricity consumptions for small and medium businesses

28. June 2022

Solution provider

Develco Products

Develco Products is a B2B company providing a market-ready, white label IoT platform to solution providers within the fields of security, care, and energy management. Develco Products offers a range of wireless gateways, sensors and alarms, smart plugs, smart relays, and meter interfaces.

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By reducing stand-by consumption and turning heating, lights, and appliances off outside of opening/usage hours, businesses can reduce their energy spending and carbon footprint remarkably.

The company GridDuck offers an energy management system that makes it easy for businesses to become aware of and reduce their energy consumption by making it possible for them to monitor electricity consumption, control appliances remotely, and automate them.

The solution includes different devices from Develco Products and 3rd party companies as well as GridDuck’s software.


A secure and flexible energy management solution

GridDuck was looking for a hardware partner for their system that was able to supply secure and reliable Zigbee devices. The Zigbee protocol is well suited for GridDuck’s system, as it is very secure and frequently used in energy management solutions.

The Zigbee-based devices offered by Develco Products are mature and thoroughly tested and have been used in various solutions, including energy management and security. They are reliable and secure, ensuring that the data collected is accurate and protected.

With the gateways, it is possible to get a flexible, multi-protocol system as they can connect to products via different communication protocols like Zigbee, Bluetooth Low Energy, and Wireless M-Bus. The gateways also offer several ways to connect to the Internet (Ethernet, WLAN, or cellular networks) to ensure a reliable connection.

The development tools and comprehensive developer documentation of the gateways made it easy for GridDuck to develop their application on top of the gateway.

Easy-to-use and self-sustaining system for electricity reduction

GridDuck offers an end-to-end energy management solution that makes customers aware of how much electricity they consume and makes it easy to minimize consumption. New customers can book a demo within 1-2 weeks and quickly start saving energy.

The solution can be installed easily and does not need much maintenance. In their software, GridDuck provides a step-by-step guide for the installation of the devices that can be done without much installation experience.

Once set up, the solution is self-sustaining. It collects the necessary data without disrupting the employees’ workflow and makes their work easier by reducing manual readings and on/off switches.


35% lower energy consumption at the London Cocktail Club

The London Cocktail Club, a group of bars in London and Bristol, installed GridDuck’s solution as they were looking to reduce electricity spending and minimize their impact on the environment.

By connecting smart plugs to their ice machines and drink fridges and setting them to automatically shut off outside opening hours, the London Cocktail Club reduced their electricity consumption by 35% on their appliances without creating additional work for the employees.

The system also alerts the user of sudden spikes in electricity consumption, making it possible to assess the energy efficiency of their appliances and identify maintenance issues.

Yearly cost reduction of £911 at Bowles and Walker’s factories

Bowles and Walker is a manufacturing business specializing in injection molding and owns equipment for producing a diverse range of products for the retail, pharmaceutical, and medical industries.

The company’s machinery consumes a large amount of electricity resulting in high spending for the company. With GridDuck’s solution, they were able to measure the electricity consumption of different units and identify equipment with particularly high consumption.

By replacing or removing these machines, Bowles and Walker saves £911 per year. They have also avoided costs of £20 000 thanks to GridDuck’s system.