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District heating with solar thermal system

12. April 2013

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Marstal District Heating consists of more than 33,360 m2 solar panels. For years, it was the largest solar heating plant in the world, and still ranks among the largest.

Warm water reservoir can store warm water for 3 months consumption

The latest extension includes a new 75,000 m3 water reservoir for heat storage. The water is heated by the sun through the solar panels during the summer and stored for use in the winter. 3 months worth of warm water can be stored in the reservoir.

During winter the days are short in Denmark, hence the reservoir has expanded the yearly use of solar energy considerably.

Solar panels generate 55 % of the required energy

Marstal District Heating is a consumer-owned district heating plant with approx. 1,650 consumers. Almost all households in the town of Marstal and surrounding villages are connected to the district heating network.

The solar panels generate 55 % of the annual varm water and heating consumption. The solar array is supplementet by renewable heating sources, mainly in the form of biomass (wood chips).