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Energy efficiency in buildings

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Improve indoor climate with maximum air flow as alternative to A/C in small rooms

5. July 2023

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Nordicco A/S

Our solutions help our customers improve their indoor climate, lower their energy consumption, reduce their CO2 emissions and eliminate the spread of airborne pathogens.

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Indoor climate plays a crucial role in ensuring comfort, productivity and overall well-being in small rooms such as classrooms, canteens, and offices. However, these spaces often pose unique challenges when it comes to maintaining an optimal indoor environment.


Northern Air® Mini is a compact ceiling fan designed with convenience in mind, featuring a sleek white design and a remote control. Despite its small 1.5-meter diameter, it delivers impressive performance. It is perfect for improving the indoor climate in smaller spaces like canteens, classrooms, offices and similar facilities. With three air blades angled at 31°, it ensures efficient air circulation while operating silently. Even in smaller rooms, it has a remarkable impact.

The ceiling fan is not limited to smaller spaces alone. It is also suitable for larger areas, effectively cooling or ventilating rooms up to 100 square meters in size with ceilings higher than 3 meters. This versatility makes it a great choice for various environments. No matter the setting, this small ceiling fan efficiently enhances the indoor climate and ensures optimal comfort for everyone.


Using the fan in smaller rooms not only provides numerous benefits but also serves as an excellent alternative to energy-intensive air conditioning. With its convenient remote control operation, powerful airflow circulation of up to 12,000 m3 per hour and customizable settings, the fan offers a sustainable and energy-efficient solution for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. Its silent operation, easy Plug & Play installation, optimized performance in smaller rooms, low power consumption of 30 Watts and improved temperature distribution make it a favorable choice compared to energy-intensive air conditioning systems. By opting for this fan, users can effectively reduce energy usage while enjoying the advantages of a pleasant and climate-controlled space.

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