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Green Mini-Grids: Accelerating green energy transition in Africa

20. October 2022

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

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In Tanzania, only 38 per cent of the population has access to energy, and in rural areas, the number is as low as 19 per cent (2019). Lack of access to electricity negatively impacts children’s education and health, negatively affects productivity, and hence, limits income and development opportunities. Access to clean energy is needed to bring people out of poverty through economic growth and employment, and to increase access to better education and health. 


The solar hybrid mini grids on Lake Victoria’s shores are the result of the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) managed by the African Development Bank.  

The Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) was established in 2012 with Denmark as lead-donor and co-founder. SEFA has received more than USD 400 million from international donors so far making the fund a major player in accelerating the green energy transition in Africa.  

More and more people benefit from off-grid renewable energy solutions as solar energy prices have fallen sharply. But more is to be done. More investments, better policies, and regulations are needed, if we are to meet the SDG clean energy targets by 2030. 

Danish financial support to SEFA is an important contribution. At the shores of Lake Victoria and many other places in Africa, SEFA is busy supporting more activities as the fund aims to create access to electricity for up to 7,000,000 people by 2030. 


On the shores of Lake Victoria in Tanzania, 82,000 households and 2,600 shops benefit from a new solar hybrid mini grid. Access to electricity through renewable energy is a life-changer for the population near Lake Victoria. Children can now study at night; health clinics can safely deliver babies under the light of an electric bulb; and tilapia, the favorite local fish caught in Lake Victoria can be frozen for later sale.