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Energy Science World

4. July 2014

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Energy Science World is a new science center to be established on the harbor of Esbjerg - Denmark’s Energy Metropolis. The ambition is to create a Danish hub for energy activities with an international outreach. A dynamic building focused on creating an educational and action packed science center. The goal is to showcase the diverse world of energy to a wide range of target groups - from families and tourists to educational institutions, scientific researchers and companies related to the energy sector. Energy Science World aims at creating wide-ranging audience experiences for both individuals and groups through interactive, media-based installations and differentiated forms of communications in synergy with authentic technologies.

The science center is divided into three main parts: Exhibition, Laboratories and Showroom. In The Exhibition area families and tourists can learn more about energy and how it affects their daily lives through interactive and informative installations and activities. The Laboratories gives educational institutions, from primary school to research level, the access to gain further and deeper knowledge about the energy related industry. Finally, The Showroom is a unique platform for companies to showcase their products, meet other companies and recruit potential employees, but also to be inspired by activities taking place within the building.

In close dialogue with the steering committee of Energy Science World and local architects Hallen & Nordby, Kollision has developed the architectural frame for the science center. This includes directing the conceptual design for the building as well as the visual identity for Energy Science World. To make the idea of a science center tangible to potential project partners and investors, Kollision has designed a series of interactive installations that support the various interests of all target groups that were identified during the process.