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Energy efficiency in buildings

Energy efficiency in industry

Energy efficiency solutions in buildings and industrial production

1. December 2022

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Danish Energy Agency
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In Jalisco, buildings do not have adequate standards/norms for energy efficiency, and the local industrial production could be more energy efficient. Therefore, specialists from the Danish Energy Agency are collaborating closely with Mexican specialists to share and transfer important expertise from Danish experiences to be implemented in Mexico.

Mexico has set...

…ambitious targets for its energy sector with the aim of reducing carbon emissions substantially. The target Mexico committed to during COP21 in Paris is to reduce greenhouse emissions from 22-36% by 2030 depending on the magnitude of international support.

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Within buildings, a number of EE initiatives will be implemented over the coming years, such as EE plans for municipal energy consumption, EE norms in governmental buildings etc.

Within industry, focus will be on Danish solutions within energy management systems and cogeneration in industry and use of bioenergy.


The objective of the Danish EE solutions in buildings and industry are being implemented, the objective is to have an energy consumption reduction of 1,9%.