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Energy efficiency in buildings



Energy demand reduced by 94% in old residential complex

22. April 2015

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The global climate crisis caused by carbon emissions is a key threat to society and our planet. Danfoss’ energy-efficient and climate-friendly solutions enable a cost-effective green transition.

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The three-story rows of houses in the complex were built in 1950/51 for the employees of the Ford plant. By 2009, they no longer met the latest standards. Consequently, they were renovated and extensively modernized both in terms of architecture and energy.

Before the refurbishment, energy consumption in the buildings was approx. 290 kWh/m2/year. Following refurbishment, the buildings are insulated and energy-efficient so the energy consumption has been reduced to an average of 47 kWh/m2/year.

Energy is supplied to the 264 apartments using calorific gas-fired boilers and solar panels. 60% of the water is heated using solar thermal collectors, which are fed into the local heating network and efficiently distributed to radiators in each apartment using Danfoss flat stations. Each apartment station also contains a freshwater system to heat the decentralized drinking water used in the kitchen and bathroom in a safe, hygienic way.

Furthermore, Danfoss radiator thermostats accurately control the heat supplied by the radiator.

Today, the reduction of energy wastage has resulted in higher rental income for the landlord, as well as lower heating bills for the residents.