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District energy

Delivering energy efficient heating as a service

3. September 2021

Solution provider

Best Green
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A public school in Denmark needed to expand and rather than endure large upfront investments for a new heating system, the school decided to subscribe to an energy-efficient heating system delivered from Best Green.

Offering heating as a product-as-a-service, the company purchases, installs and operates state-of-the-art heat pump systems and takes care of any ongoing maintenance. Heating pumps are energy efficient in that they use heat from the building’s surroundings, such as the air or soil, and transfers that heat into the building’s heating system e.g., radiators or floor heating. The school of Hylke is now paying only for the energy they consume and a monthly subscription fee, whereas any services or unforeseen repair requirements are handled by the Danish heating company. To ensure high reliability of supply, the system is digitally monitored, enabling the school a guaranteed fixed monthly fee per KWh heating.

Taking care of all the practical aspects of the service and maintenance, the company ensures that heat pump materials are reused, rather than potentially discarded. After the first subscription year, the school has saved 25 per cent on heating expenses and reduced CO2 emissions by 87 tonnes. Several private homes in the area have started to use the heating subscription, resulting in a 30 per cent reduction in fossil fuel consumption for the town of Hylke.