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Coast to coast climate challenge

18. June 2020

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As the second lowest lying country in Europe, Denmark is undeniably going to be affected by the changing climate. Particularly the instability associated with excessive water and unpredictable weather patterns poses a significant threat. As water has no regard for municipal boundaries, the holistic solutions required to deal with this issue needs to be interdisciplinary and cross-organizational in nature.

In response to this common threat the Central Denmark Region has taken on the role of facilitating the climate change adaptation project Coast to Coast Climate Challenge (C2C CC) to safeguard Danish valuables from devastating water incidents caused by climate change. One of the C2C CC goals is thus to build the municipal authorities´ capacity and enable them to develop and implement climate adaptation plans in their respective areas. The project covers a large territorial area and involves 15 municipalities from the Central Denmark Region and 3 from the North Denmark Region.

From challenge to opportunity - Coast to Coast Climate Challenge

Coast to Coast Climate Challenge