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CO2-neutral straw-fired plant replacing natural gas systems

2. February 2021

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Linka Group
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Straw-fired plant for CO2-neutral district heating.

In 2020, Sønderborg Forsyning commissioned a new Linka straw-fired heating plant and began the process of decommissioning the six gas-fired heating facilities it was replacing.

The plant comprises a 10 MW thermal biomass boiler using sustainable locally sourced straw which meets the full capacity that Sønderborg Forsyning needs to supply the cities Nordborg and Havnbjerg.


The plant

The plant can run on autopilot for 72 hours, meaning monitoring and remote control can be performed from Sønderborg Forsyning’s central control room or even from their employees’ homes. It also has a 2,800 m3 accumulation tank which ensures a supply of heat for up to 12 hours, which allows an optimum use of the fuel and the operation of the plant.

The patented solutions in the plant are built on Linka Energy’s know-how and international experience. As a result, energy exploitation from a vast source of different types, volumes and qualities of straw is optimised. After the thermal energy is taken out of the fuel, the local farmers receive the ash which they use in their fields for its fertilizing properties.

The plant is a turn-key delivery by Linka Energy and is designed to accommodate future guests from Danfoss’ heat production development centre which is intended to be set up next door. Preparations for establishing a covered glass corridor between the buildings are therefore already underway.

Over the next few years, we at Linka Energy will cooperate as an Energy Partner for Sønderborg Forsyning to ensure successful initiation and to contribute to their ambitious ProjectZero strategy to reduce CO2 emissions to zero in the region by 2029.



Costumer: Sønderborg Forsyning
Location: Nordals, Denmark
Fuel: Straw
Size: 10 MW
Plant type: Hot water
Energy type: District heating
Year: 2020


CO2 reduction

350.000 tonnes
The patented combustion technology contributes to the significant reduction in CO2 emissions over a period on 20 years.


Electricity consumption

kWh electricity/MWh



94 %
The plant is using Linka’s world patented combustion technology, where heated air is added to create the optimal amount of turbulence in the combustion area. Hereby the gases developed are completely burned which ensures a very high efficiency.