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Be the heart of Landmark in Korea

16. November 2022

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The global climate crisis caused by carbon emissions is a key threat to society and our planet. Danfoss’ energy-efficient and climate-friendly solutions enable a cost-effective green transition.

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Lotte World Tower opened in April 2017 and is today Koreas tallest building (the world’s fifth tallest commercial building) and a multiplex facility serving as a landmark of Korean engineering. Lotte World Tower has 123 floors and six underground floors and serves as a landmark in Seoul. The building secured 10 million visitors during the first 100 opening days.

Lotte World Tower requires an effective air-conditioning system and a solution to minimize casualties in case of fire. In large commercial complexes such as Lotte World Tower, cooling, heating and ventilation occupy more than 50% of the whole energy consumption. It is important to reduce the operating cost of air conditioning management as much as possible, while allowing customers to have safe and comfortable space experience.


Danfoss offered VLT® HVAC FC102 drive solution for an optimized energy reduction with understanding that larger space means higher cost in large complex building. Danfoss’s air-conditioning solution based on close communication enables low installation cost, high space efficiency, and constantly low operating cost.

Furthermore, efficient air-conditioning system is required to save lives and assets from unexpected accidents. Danfoss introduced ‘Priority Response Mode’ in case of fire to secure the safety in the space, which still enables essential safety performances in emergency even if minor issues occur.


Lotte World Tower became the first in the world to acquire the ‘LEED Gold Grade’ in the eco-friendly building certification for the safety and eco-friendliness of the building. The energy that Lotte World Tower has reduced annually after applying Danfoss’ HVAC drive solution, which is 5,040MW, is the amount of electricity that 200 households can use annually. It was also able to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 2,345 tons.