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About Robotto

AI-powered drone software that enables autonomous flight with situational-based flight paths, AI detection, and real-time analysis for wildfire detection and analysis, search and rescue teams, and biodiversity management.


Founded: 2019

Employees: 0-10

HQ: Aalborg, Denmark

Organisation type: Company


Air pollution

Intense and more frequent wildfires are a result of global warming’s effect on climate change. At Robotto we’re focused on creating smart drone software that helps governments and organizations deal with changes to our ecosystem. Winners of TV2 Denmark’s “My Idea – Our Mission” show in 2022, receiving the title of Denmark’s best climate idea, Robotto is on a mission to reduce emissions and save lives with autonomous flight, powerful ai detection, and real-time analysis across industries.

With upgraded and more intelligent aerial analysis of wildfires, search and rescue efforts, and biodiversity management tasks, organizations lessen their dependence on traditional aerial vehicles and get the job done faster. In the case of wildfires, the technology has been proven to reduce burn sizes by up to 60%, save between 50-70% of man-hours, and reduce CO2 emissions by 60%.

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