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About HydroHullCleaning

Our underwater hull cleaning ROV, 'The SeaBadger' is a state of the art ROV cleaning large ships hulls while they are in the water. Under the water line, ships get biofouled, meaning that algae, and other live organisms grow on the hull, reducing the hydrodynamics of the ship. This leads to increased drag and thus extra fuel consumption and increased emissions. Also, these organisms spread throughout the world as they dislodge from the hull in foreign ecosystems and become invasive species which is a large challenge to biodiversity. So, properly cleaning the ship reduces emissions and saves local ecosystems.


Founded: 2013

Employees: 0-10

HQ: Hellerup

Organisation type: Company


Air pollution

Clean air in transportation

Maritime air pollution

Forged in a very practical, innovative Hard-tech environment, we believe that hard-tech is a key to solving the growing climate challenges. We zoom in on the challenges related to the vital global supply chain facilitated by global shipping. The shipping industry is crucial to the world economy and people’s wellbeing – yet it leaves a carbon footprint and biodiversity concerns caused by invasive species; and certain jobs surrounding the industry are dangerous. We are here to develop leading technology to tackle these challenges.
In short, we are here to: Reduce emissions, improve marine biodiversity, and enhance safety.

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