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Cycling Embassy of Denmark

Cycling Embassy of Denmark


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Smart cities

Smart energy systems

Urban mobility

Cycling Embassy of Denmark is a formalized network with an association framework and over 40 member organizations. The people participating in the network are some of the leading experts we have in Denmark, when it comes to cycle know-how. The daily work of the embassy is located in the secretariat of the Danish Cyclists’ Federation, from which many of our different activities emanate.

An important resource we have developed is our website. The website is an entrance to cycling knowledge. In previous years, it could be quite a challenge to find Danish cycling knowledge. The embassy has made this easier as it brings together experts within the areas of city planning, cycling promotion, cycle parking facilities, bicycle tourism, campaigning, cycle safety, health promotion, and much more.

Not only has the embassy made it easier for other interested parties, but the embassy is also an excellent platform to develop new cycle solutions with colleagues in other organizations – and in time in other countries. Denmark is a cycling laboratory where new trends and innovative ideas are evolving, and we are more than happy to share.

Cycling Embassy of Denmark offers a wide range of services for visiting delegations and groups. These services include master classes, bike tours and lectures regarding cycling solutions, and urban mobility planning.

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