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Water Supply

Water supply in Denmark is highly decentralized with waterworks situated all over the country. Tap water is not chlorinated thanks to a highly efficient distribution system where bacteria and other impurities are minimized.

Non Revenue Water
In coming decades, climate changes and population growth will put great stress on water resources in several countries. Taking action to prevent water losses –  or Non Revenue Water (NRW) - and providing citizens with incentives to save water are crucial.

Water supply solutions
Waterworks located around Denmark provide clean, safe and drinkable tap water from groundwater. This is possible because waterworks apply advanced management systems based on real time information to ensure an efficient distribution system that minimizes bacteria and other impurities without adding chlorine to water.

Price of water reflects actual costs
A relatively high average consumer price of water in Denmark reflects the measures taken to ensure water of high quality and efficient water supply. Water losses are remarkably low by international standards: less than 7 per cent of the water produced by the Danish waterworks never reaches the customers.


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