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Water Quality & Treatment

In the field of water quality, Denmark has a long tradition of cooperation across sectors, resulting in cutting-edge technologies that ameliorate water quality.

Challenges related to water quality
Cities around the world are challenged by water scarcity and deteriorated water resources. This demands treatment solutions able to improve water quality for cities facing population growth, urbanisation, impacts of climate changes and a number of other global trends.

Multiple solutions to improve water quality
Danish water treatment solutions span from high quality, chlorine-free tap water that is not only healthy but also a pleasure to drink to high quality industrial water. Other technologies in development include membrane technology for purification of water and desalination of seawater.

Common visions and cooperation
Danish companies, research institutions, organisations and public authorities have a strong tradition for cooperation. Common visions and cooperation on new, cutting-edge technologies that improve water quality is no exception and this is a field where Denmark is at the forefront with new knowledge and exciting demonstration projects.



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