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Water Efficiency & Reuse

Water efficiency can be turned into a competitive advantage for companies who invest in this area as they are less susceptible to the economic impacts of rising water prices and wastewater discharge fees.

The need for greater water efficiency
Industrial companies increasingly face the challenge of local water shortages, decreasing water quality and increasing water prices. Together with legal restrictions on water supply and wastewater discharge, these factors pose a threat to the production capacity of many companies. However, risks can be minimised through insights into the water footprint throughout the supply chain.

Water audit and value stream mapping can reveal potential savings
By going through the different production processes, it is often possible to find water streams that can be reclaimed and reused with proper water treatment rather than being discharged. Other factors which should also be considered in this process include assessment of legal requirements, accessibility of freshwater and implementation of accurate metering and water quality control systems.

Possible to maintain both high product quality and water efficiency
High water prices and wastewater discharge costs have forced companies in Denmark to develop more water efficient technologies. The Danish food and beverage industry is a good example of how significant reductions in water consumption can be achieved without compromising on product quality. As an added benefit, water efficiency has often also led to increased energy efficiency as lower volumes of water need to be transported, heated, cooled or treated.


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