Proterra – electric buses of the future

Proterra is a leading designer and manufacturer of electric buses and the company is known as 'the Tesla of buses'.

Electric buses do not emit CO2, NOx or harmful particles when operated, and they make far less noise than traditional diesel-based buses. Proterra estimates that CO2 emissions are reduced by more than 100 tonnes annually for each diesel bus replaced by an electric bus.

To encourage uptake of its technology and get more electric vehicles on the roads, Proterra partners with a number of established vehicle manufacturers since the technology can also be incorporated into other heavy duty electric vehicles such as lorries and refuse collection vehicles.

THE VELUX  FOUDATIONS have invested in Proterra via a growth equity fund investment managed by a leading London based impact manager. Since investing, the company has grown significantly and revenues have increased sevenfold.


Image credit: Proterra
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