Reducing Urban Water Loss to just 5%

The utility VCS Denmark has successfully reduced leakages in order to secure the lowest possible level of Non-Revenue Water (NRW). Denmark is known for its high quality of drinking water, and the country focuses on continously maintaining the pipeline network in order to protect the precious water resource. The Danish average water losses have been reduced to 7% due to a political focus on the problem and legal regulation, motivating utilities to reduce leakages.

VCS Denmark operates 7 waterworks and supply 156,000 customers with about 10 million m3 of water per year – through a pipeline of 1,000 km. The company has carried out systematic leakage detection since 1994 in order to maintain the pipeline network in their supply area. This effort has led to a NRW rate of just 5%.

VCS Denmark has extensive practical experience in planning and implementing leakage detection, and utilities around the world have benefited from this experience. For example, VCS Denmark has worked with Danish Water Services and Grontmij in Myanmar, securing a reliable water supply to the citizens of Yangon.

VCS Denmark has focused on optimizing water distribution for decades, and the performance indicators reflect this. The utility has reduced its NRW ratio to 5% and the real pipe loss to just 1.17 m3/km/day. At 0.74, the utility’s Infrastructure Leakage Index (ILI) is one of the best in the world.

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