Ucomposites A/S

    Ucomposites A/S

    Ucomposites A/S is a cleantech company recycling glass fiber (GF) production waste from European manufactures of wind turbine rotor blades such as GE, Vestas, MHI Vestas, Enercon and SiemensGamesa – waste that otherwise would have been landfilled. Ucomposites produce “new” GF  for the building sector and the European automotive industri including BMW, Daimler Mercedes-Benz, Audi and VW. There are major environmental benefits by substituting virgin GF with recycled: 1 ton of virgin GF require 8055 kWh = 1,9 ton Co2. 1 ton of recycled GF from Ucomposites require 60 kWh = 60 kg Co2.

    Primary contact
    Jakob Grymer Tholstrup

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