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Nanotechnology is largely a multidisciplinary research area, where the simple common denominator is the nanometer scale on which the work is based.

Nanotechnology can be research into the surface of materials at the level of atoms and new metallic hydrides (metal hydrogens) which can be used for storing hydrogen and are of great importance in e.g. the development of fuel cells. It also covers research into biomolecules and enzymes that can be used for medical purposes, nanostructured semiconductors for communication technology, photonic crystals, biological or mechanical nanoscale sensors and thin film.

Advanced research and production facilities

At DTU, we also conduct research into how you can actually make nanoscale production. Nanoscale production confronts researchers with very new challenges, as the objects and products you work with are so small that they can only be seen through “atomic force microscopes”.

When things are so small that even a dust mote can destroy them, very advanced research and production facilities are required. Accordingly, DTU has constructed extensive clean room facilities for work on nanoresearch and advanced micro- and nanoscale process technology.

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