Remediation of soil contamination at Østre Gasværk in Copenhagen

Remediation of soil contamination at Østre Gasværk in Copenhagen

At the former gasworks Østre Gasværk located in central Copenhagen, a 65.000 m2 membrane cover was placed over the entire contaminated site to prevent outflow of contaminated fumes. The areas are currently used for recreational purposes, such as football fields, in the densely populated capital.

In some parts of the site, the underground is heavily polluted, as the site was used as a landfill for building debris etc.

The remediation plant consists of an active ventilation system under the membrane cover, which removes and pumps contaminated air for treatment through a carbon filter before the air is released. The plant consists of five stations, each containing a ventilation system, carbon filter and a stack.

Since the mid-90’s, Sweco has conducted a major monitoring programme with monthly inspections of the ventilation system including the operation log. Sweco’s team carries out control measurements of the extracted contaminated air, both before and after treatment. Pore air measurements are performed above the membrane cover to check its leak proofness and inspect the water content.

Sweco’s team performs supplementary inspections of the contamination removal process under the membrane in order to assess the relevance of the remediation measures on a continuous basis. The team reports annually on their monitoring activities and the efficiency of the remediation plant.

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