Reducing urban water loss in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Reducing urban water loss in Chittagong, Bangladesh

As the local water utility for Chittagong water network, CWASA is required to deliver an equitable water supply for the entire population in its area. However, it was estimated that the water loss was approximately 60%. In order to reduce its water loss, a number of critical elements needed to be addressed, including rationalisation, improvement of operation and expansion of the network. This required implementation of DMAs, pressure management and flow control, construction of new pipes as well as active leakage control.

In the initial phase of the project, up-to-date information of the network was gathered with the help of GIS and hydraulic modelling. In addition, assessment of initial losses – both commercial and real – as well as identification and prioritisation of problem areas were carried out, resulting in identification of 137 km of pipelines to be replaced.

Following the completion of the pipe rehabilitation and construction phase, the next steps will be to implement the DMAs and active leakage control as well as operational tools to secure continuous management of the network and a stable water supply.

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Thomas Fleurine Sørensen

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