Extra UV security barrier secures pure drinking water


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Privately held and independent manufacturing company of water treatment plants. Established in 1936. Close to 400 employees around Europe, with approx. 50% located in headquarter and main factory in Denmark. Sales and service teams in many European countries.

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The water utility North Water operates just north of Copenhagen and supplies 200.000 consumers with pure drinking water. Water quality is monitored closely, and the utility is certified in accordance with food safety standards (ISO 22000). As an extra security against microbiological contamination, UV treatment is used because even if the risk of contamination is very small the consequences will be severe due to the many consumers.

The UV dosage is decisive for the treatment effect and is monitored and adjusted to the current flow and transmittance of the water. This is the largest UV installation in Denmark and uses low-pressure UV lamps that only consume small amounts of energy. Disinfection performance is high, and the system is certified for drinking water use and validated in accordance with standards laid down by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).

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