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Water is one of the primary ingredients in beer and soft drinks. Therefore, a brewery has a large consumption of high-quality water.

This is also the case for the Danish brewery in Skælskør owned and run by Harboes Bryggeri since 1883. Harboe is a company with a very strong corporate culture emphasizing responsibility, collaboration, quality and results. When it was time for replacement of the existing water treatment plant, it was of course a matter to exploit new and energy efficient technology in order to minimize the consumption of water and energy.

The result was a thorough upgrade instead of just a replacement. EUROWATER supplied, installed and commissioned a newly developed series of reverse osmosis units – the RO-PLUS. This series is interesting because it is designed for a recovery of up to 90 % compromising neither reliability nor water quality.

The upgrade has resulted in considerable savings as well as a lower environmental impact due to reduced water and energy consumption. The return on investment (ROI) was about one year.

Technical Specifications

  • Flow: 3×20 m³/h
  • Conductivity: <15 μS/cm
  • Recovery: 88%

Units in plant

  • Reverse osmosis units with high recovery 3 x RO-PLUS C3-15+3
  • Triplex softener STFA 35
  • Pressure filters for iron removal 2 x TFB 25


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